• Concept design
  • Design and initial permit documentation
  • Tender and procurement documentation
  • Detailed design
  • Value Engineering
  • Consulting
Pre-design stage
Design stage
  • Choice of site and location
  • Market analysis
  • Feasibility Study
  • Business planning and financial modeling
  • Project Structuring
  • Technical Due Diligence
  • Adaptation of production processes
  • Concept Development
  • Procurement and tendering
  • Contract management
  • Monitoring, financial and technical audits
  • Project setup
  • Procurement and tendering
  • Cost estimation and cost management
  • Project management
  • Technical Client
  • Construction control in accordance with local regulations and international best practices
  • Construction management
  • Organization of commissioning
Project management

Contract management

Quality control and verification of the developed design documentation

Risk management
A service in which we take over the tasks of project control and management. We represent the interests of the client and carry out the necessary measures, while ensuring the rights and obligations of the client.
Organizational management

Organization / document control

Cost management

Schedule management

Procurement and tendering

Construction supervision
IN ACCORDANCE WITH Article 53 of the Urban Development Code of the Russian Federation
Checking the compliance of the work performed and the materials used with the design documentation, the requirements of technical regulations and the results of engineering surveys

Control of the volume and quality of completed construction and installation works

Control of the as-built documentation

Defect management

Verification of the compliance of the completed facility with the requirements of design documentation

Technical Client
Organization of the collection and approval of urban planning and permit documentation

Organization of the collection and approval of the commissioning documentation

Coordination with authorities the issues related to the design and construction of the facility

Design documentation approval with all stakeholders, organization of the obligatory design documentation expertise

Financial and technical supervision
Analysis of the technical documentation for negotiations with the bank/investor

Reporting in accordance with the requirements of the bank/investor (“Zero report”, quarterly reports, engineering and analytical notes)

Evaluation of primary documentation and document flow

Reporting for stakeholders

Development of financial models, business plans
Site analysis

Market analysis

Best use analysis

Feasibility Study

Development of business plans, financial models

Technical Due Diligence
Cost estimation and cost management
Cost estimation

Development of the project budget at different stages of project implementation

Budget execution control

Cost verification

Document flow and reporting

Claim management
Technical Due Diligence
Collection and analysis of the data

Analysis of initial permit documentation

Analysis of design documentation

Analysis of the sufficiency of the documentation package for the current stage of project implementation

Risk Analysis

Development of the preliminary project budget
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